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Voice Over Projects



In this children's animation series, I am one of the German off-screen voice actors. This work also includes translating the English dialog books and titles/descriptions via MTPE.


VPNpro German host

Hosting the German YouTube channel for VPNpro. Tasks include translation and recording in 4K UHD.


KRASS Voice Over

For the official German spin-off of the "beAmazed" YouTube channels, I am the German voice, as well as translator and video editor. Some videos, like this one, reach over 100,000 viewers.


Voice Over Podcast German Pain Society

For the German Pain Society I speak the intro text of their podcast. I also do the complete post-production of the podcast.



Fantastische Tier Fakten

Voice over actor and video editor for a channel about animal facts.


Mobili Fiver Commercials

For the Italian furniture manufacturer I am the voice of the advertising videos as well as for their German answering machine.

Museums Hoyerswerda & Friedrichshafen

German off speaker for Brand Videos
Air Doctor Brand Videos

Entertainment Solutions

Off-speaker for various Escape Rooms

Brightlines Translations

German over-dubbing for original English videos
Cambridge 1:1 diet

Plarium Global LTD

Voice Actor for the games:

Raid: Shadow Legends
Mech Arena: Robot Showdown

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